Microfiltration (MF) is a process for filtration through membranes with a pore size between 0.1 - 5 µm. Our high-quality microfiltration units are mounted on a frame, easy to install and expand after your requirements. They are simple and safe to use and have a long lifetime.


Each microfiltration system is tailor-made for the respective application. Several types of MF modules are possible: ceramic, hollow fiber and spiral wound. The determination of the correct module is based on several factors such as viscosity, pH value, process temperature and the inlet flow rate.

Application Examples

  • - Filtration of beverages
  • - Wine filtration
  • - Sterilisation
  • - Separation of activated sludge and water
  • - Pre-treatment for a reverse osmosis system
  • - Phosphate removal after precipitation
  • - Wastewater recycling and reuse as industrial water for various purposes./li>