Nanofiltration (NF) is a pressure-driven membrane process and is preferably used for the treatment of aqueous solutions. NF membranes achieve a high level of retention of particles with a molecular weight greater than 200 g/mol, which corresponds to a molecular diameter of approx. 1 nm. The ion selectivity is characteristic of NF membranes. The retention of a dissolved salt is determined by the valence of the anion. Salts with monovalent anions (e.g. Cl-) can pass the membrane, whereas polyvalent anions (e.g. SO42-) are retained.


Our compact nanofiltration systems can be adapted to the various requirements of the pure water quality and can also be used in two-stage operation. The membrane type is always determined after requirements. We use our many years of experience in the design of nanofiltration system based on the water analysis, the optimal variant for the customer.

Greentech tailor-made ultrafiltration systems

  • - Tailor-made for the respective application
  • - mounted on a frame
  • - modular system
  • - easily expandable depending on your production needs
  • - Use of low energy membranes
  • - Pump with frequency converter
  • - Pipelines made of stainless steel, PP, PE or PVC material as required
  • - Complete solutions with pre- and post-treatment and with measurement and control technology on requests


  • - A high system yield of up to 85% is possible
  • - Production of ultrapure water: up to 90% salt retention
  • - energy-efficient systems with low-energy membranes
  • - low operating costs due to lower operating pressure and frequency-controlled pump
  • - Small footprint
  • - Simple and safe operation
  • - Fully automated system control


  • - Elimination of polyvalent ions
  • - Removal of color
  • - Softening