Seawater desalination

Seawater desalination provides such an alternative source, offering water otherwise not accessible for irrigational, industrial, and municipal use. Desalination has become an important source of drinking water production, with membrane processes. RO membranes effectively reject monovalent ions such as NaCl and they have extremely high salt rejections (>99%).

We offer tailor made reverse osmosis systems in different sizes, which can be adapted to the various requirements of the pure water quality and can also be used in two-stage operation. The membrane type is always determined by requirements.

Integrated membrane desalination plant (UF + RO)

A main factor for the successful operation of SWRO is maintaining a constant high feed water quality. We combine in our integrated membrane system UF membranes with RO membranes, which is a well-established technique for water desalination and reuse. We use UF membranes to provide SDI values well below 2, which thus enables an SWRO plant to perform at its original design capacity with reduced downtime.

For ultrafiltration we use the multibore membranes allow for a substantial reduction in chemical and energy consumption compared with existing spiral wound UF modules. In spite of the fluctuating seawater quality, the filtrate produced by the UF system has a constant quality. In addition, lower chemical cleaning frequency and RO membrane replacement are expected due to the superior UF permeate water quality as well as the benefits of a reduced footprint and easier operation of UF.

Inline coagulation pre-treatment can significantly improve low-pressure membrane performance (less fouling and greater rejection). The coagulation can improve the filtrate water quality, particularly regarding the concentration of DOC, the SDI (Silt Density Index), and the phosphate concentration.

Our reverse osmosis systems can be adapted to the various requirements for pure water quality. The membrane type is always determined after requirements and after the water analysis.