Wastewater treatment

Membranes in wastewater treatment- new challenges and solutions

The demands on municipal and industrial wastewater treatment are constantly increasing. Increasingly important tasks today are, for example, the retention of very fine particles (powdered activated carbon, microplastics), the removal of dissolved trace substances and wastewater disinfection (antibiotic resistance). For all of tasks, Membranfiltration offers efficient and robust separation. In combination with other process steps, can pave the way for water reuse.

In municipal wastewater treatment, a combination of activated sludge and membrane processes, the membranbioreactor (MBR), is used to be able to eliminate dissolved and biodegradable substances. In the MBR process, the membrane stage is used in place of a secondary clarifier to separate the biologically purified water from the biomass.


  • - Effluent with irrigation water qualities
  • - Good price-performance ratio
  • - Lower tank volumes due to increased biomass concentration
  • - Less foot print
  • - Modular expandability, configuration flexibility

With the membrane technology, a high and operationally stable cleaning performance can be achieved even for small wastewater treatment plants such as apartment buildings as well as office buildings, restaurants and hotels. Greentech also offers compact systems in 40 'containers (up to 1000 m³ / day).